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Registration Cards - Jersey
Friday, August 30, 2013

The availability of housing stock to new residents was, until July 2013, controlled through housing regulations established under the Housing (Jersey) Law 1949 ('the Housing Law'). This law has now been repealed and replaced by the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012.

The purpose of the new law is essentially the same as the previous law in that it regulates who can own and occupy property in the Island, but also controls the set up of new business in the Island and regulates the number of employees engaged in such businesses. It is hoped that the new legislation will be easier to interpret whilst introducing a more effective system of enforcement which is compliant with international human rights principles. Under the Housing (Jersey) Law 1949 there were 15 categories of residential status. 

These are being replaced by four new categories which are briefly described as :-


  • Someone who has lived in Jersey for 10 years.
  • Can buy, sell or lease any property. 
  • Can work anywhere and doesn’t need a license to be employed


  • Someone who is an essential employee. 
  • Can buy, sell or lease any property in their own name if they keep their licensed status. 
  • Employer needs a license to employ a licensed person


  • Someone who has lived in Jersey for five consecutive years immediately before the date the card is issued, or is married to someone who is 'entitled', 'licensed' or 'entitled to work'.
  • Can buy property jointly with an entitled spouse / civil partner. Can lease ‘registered’ (previously 'unqualified') property as a main place of residence. 
  • Can work anywhere and doesn’t need a license to be employed.


  • Someone who does not qualify under the other categories.
  • Can lease ‘registered’ property as a main place of residence. 
  • Employer needs a license to employ a ‘registered’ person

Your residential status will be printed on your registration card. You can get your registration card from Social Security in La Motte Street, St Helier. 

Registration cards have replaced Social Security cards. They will show:

  • your name

  • your Social Security number

  • your residential and employment status

  • the card's expiry date

They don't have a photograph - you can't use your registration card as identification, and you don't need to carry it with you.

Applying for a registration card

To get a registration card, you should go to the Social Security Department in La Motte Street.

You must take along proof of identity and in some cases other documents - you’re best to check the States of Jersey website here for the specific details relating to your application.

You may be given your card immediately. If you're not given it right away, they'll tell you when you can expect to get it.

A registration card is free if you are 'entitled' or 'entitled to work'.

If you are 'licensed' or 'registered' your card will cost:

  • £75 if you are new to Jersey

  • £35 if you have lived in Jersey before and were registered with the Social Security Department before 1 July 2013

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